Natori Haniwa The National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs of Japan, was founded in 1951 and has over 60 years of history. The aims of BPW are to work for women's economic independence and for equal opportunity and representation in economic and political life. And for the aims we decide the current global theme such as “Changing the world through actions and leaderships".

Adding to this, BPW Japan has challenged activities to reduce gender gaps in political, economical, educational and health fields, because the data by GGGI shows the order of Japan to be over 100 among about 140 countries. To reduce the gap in political field, we work for" quarter system in the election", to reduce the gap in economy we do "equal pay day campaign, and in education and health we do lots of projects.
We as a women's NGO, are very proud of our possibility to make social changes because of the various talents and experiences of members.

The Japanese government set "202030" project, aiming for women to be 30% of the leading positions in every field by the year of 2020.
But BPW Japan adopted the new goal, such as 203050 which was declared at the UN-CSW59 in 2015 which means by 2030 the full gender equality (50-50) to be completed.
Please join with us to get our goals, we are expecting your power!
President of BPW Japan